“Temporary phase cannot stop me from reaching Bollywood” says Durgaprasad Shetty, a handsome newcomer to Modelling. - Buntara Sangam


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Sunday, October 08, 2017

“Temporary phase cannot stop me from reaching Bollywood” says Durgaprasad Shetty, a handsome newcomer to Modelling.

Determination unlimited in spite of restrained resources: he exemplifies struggling era

Upcoming Model and Actor Durgaprasad Shetty

Nothing can hinder nor stop an ambition from aspirations nor the goals, Durgaprasad Shetty, who claims that stepping stone is the most difficult process for any newcomer from a small and an unknown town to enter the big world of Bollywood where influence, connections, dynasty, nepotism, money, power, and politics rule the game and in spite of all the man-made blocks he stands by his 'rule of never to quit' despite the hurdles and challenges which are very difficult to surmount .....revealed more through a telephonic free-wheeling chat

What brought you to this profession?                                                
Acting has been my passion and my dream, I always wanted to be an actor and be in the limelight, I love photo flashes. It was also my parent's dream to see their son pursuing his passion and be known for his work. To be true, I preferred to do what I really like and wish to fulfill my passion and goals, for the same I am very much eager to reach my goals and if required will fight for the same. My eagerness to fulfill the wishes of the family has brought me to this profession.

Tell us about your professional journey till now?
As a student of acting, I believe in being a complete actor and also be known for my good upbringing and challenging background. Academics and professional education do count a lot in building one's own life and Career. I joined  Motimahal Hotel Management College, Falnair  in Mangalore to do my BHM and had been making rounds for the Modelling offers, been to various casting offices and have been in touch with various casting agents, right now have some modeling offers and have been associated with good brands

Apart from acting what other aspirations you have?
My only focus is being an actor and anything that is related with acting is my passion. Every goal has a stepping stone, what I can visualize is that for any goals to be reached one needs to pass through a stepping stone. I have a deep desire to achieve the prestigious Mr. World title and I am working on the same to achieve.

Says Durgaprasad Shetty, Upcoming Model and actor "My only focus is being an actor and anything that is related with acting is my passion"

What are the current projects/Films are you working on?
I feel my struggle has begun, there are many stepping stones to cover, I am sure that it won't be long for me to achieve what I need to keep my near and dear ones happy. As of now, I don't have any specific projects in hand that can catapult me to limelight but intense struggle and trust in almighty continues.

What are the roles do you wish to play in your forthcoming movies? Please elaborate?
My gut feel is that I can portray any shades of villainous roles, deep down I have that evilness of blasting the screen with my diehard energy to create an impact and would be glad if any of the producer or a director would be kind enough to fulfill my request. I am inspired by the performance of Prakash Rai the icon of the south film industry, I have watched most of his movies and he is my driving force. I feel he is one of the best villains and would wish to act with him.

Any interesting anecdote or incident do you remember during the shoot, which you would like to share?
All the shoot I have done is memorable, one that is very vivid and distinct is that about a shoot against a backdrop of traditional setup, I had to wear an 8 Kg costume for a specific character. It was really fun and I had a tough time in being part of it because the costume was weighing me down and I managed to give one of my best performance with ease. The interesting part of the incident was it took more than 1 hour to undress the costume from my body and nearly half of the crew was helping me for the same. It turned out to be a great bonding factor and enjoyed acquainting the entire crew as all had fun and enjoyed the moment where I was the center of appeal.

My gut feel is that I can portray any shades of villainous roles, feels Durgaprasad Shetty

Bollywood Aspirations are forever, how is it progressing in you?
Every actor's ambition is Bollywood and aspirations are so intense and enormous to such an extent that people from the remotest part of India come with great expectation, hope, honesty and loyalty to this profession. I am of those type that along with the intense struggle combined with conviction would like to showcase my talent. I am not lucky as the dynasty families of Bollywood who have enormous influence nor do I have any great connections. I admire Rohit Shetty, his grit, courage, the journey to what he is today and his strategy of working. His hard work has really paid off and I am also inspired by him.

If not in Bollywood, where would you like to continue your profession?
There is no place I can think of,  my life is suited for acting, this is the only place I feel I can do well, if not in Bollywood, I will continue my profession in Modelling.

What's lacking in Karnataka film Industry?
Every growing industry has a teething problem, Karnataka film Industry in spite of its rich history, experience and heritage to has its own challenges, the actors are bereft of proper grooming, most of the actor lacks the dressing sense, they are unable to look beyond their own movies, they don't tend to reach out to audience beyond the defined territory, they cater only to captive audience, it looks as if the audience has no choice than to be fed what has been forced on them, many un-realistic films have been churned, most of the movies have been made with established, known faces and nepotised newcomers hence the capable aspirants are being ignored. A lot of issue needs to be tackled if this industry has to grow and create an impactful space in the global film industry.

My life is suited for acting, the only career I can survive is being an actor, says Durgaprasad Shetty

Where do you feel you would be secure either in Kannada or Tulu films?
To be honest, my urge for survival is so intense like a drowning person wishing to cling to any straw to keep me alive. I will be happy to be both the boats and keep rowing. My fluency in both the languages are good and have a proficient understanding to deliver my best. On priority basis considering my strength and capability I would prefer Tulu film industry considering my mother tongue.

In regards to re-christening of Coastal wood to TULUWOOD as the iconic brand for the Tulu Film Industry, whats your view on the same?
It's a right move, Tulu film Industry needs an identity and it has to be branded with pure essence and clarity relative to our intrinsic beliefs and values. With this sense, we could put the Tulu film Industry in the global platform as we have the Tulu audience across the world who believes in the talent of the Tuluwood. I believe with this new identity i.e branded as TULUWOOD, we can achieve a global stature with the help of our Tulu diaspora's across the world and become a worldwide entertainer soon.And trust me TULUWOOD is here to stay and soon will the iconic brand of the Tulu Film Industry.

Any TV serials are you doing?
As of now, my search of roles is only for movies, I not averse to TV serials, will be glad to accept any leading role. Look forward to whatever good comes to me.
As a person who has seen most tough moments in life and still struggling to get my life straight, the message is simple...never burn your goal,......don't quit,.....problems are temporary.

What are your other past-times?
As mentioned earlier, my only focus is being an actor and anything that is related with acting is my passion, an actor should be capable of doing any roles and any scenes for this requires training, skill set and determination. Pre-experience always works better for any scene to be done with utmost perfection, apart from going to Gymnasium, bodybuilding, yoga, practicing Horse-riding, biking and active in bike-races, car-races, I have passion for photography and trekking.

As a bunt Boy, what aspirations do you have for the community and where you would like to support?
I am proud of my community, I feel my growth has been tremendously contributed by my community, my graduation was sponsored by the Bunts Sangha of Mangalore, greatly thankful for the patrons and community member who has really done good for students like me. It's a great community who truly believes in welfare and wellbeing of Bunts. My success and all the achievements I would like to dedicate for the cause of Bunts and would do all the work to my utmost capacity of the upliftment of the bunts community.

Along with your celebrity status, what would you like to do for the cause of Bunt community upliftment?
My life and career are dedicated to our community, will give and do all that is possible within my capability for the upliftment and for the good welfare of the Bunts community.

My only focus is being an actor and anything that is related with acting is my passion, Durgaprasad Shetty, affirms his ambition

Which is your favorite outfit?
I believe in giving full justice to any outfit I wear, I diet and gym regularly to develop a good athletic body. Currently, I feel a well-tailored suit is my favorite outfit.

Tell us about your life and about your childhood?
I am a product of a small town from Kunjalkatte near Dharmastalla in the prosperous state of Karnataka and studied at Sacred Heart High School in Madanthyar. I was born in a lower middle-class family, my dad is a security person in a Gold Retail shop in Kunjalkatte, his life is very tough, he works day and night to make us secured, most of the time he does Night shifts to double his income and my Mother does menial work as maid in other houses. We are three siblings, 2 boys and one girl all of us are full of hopes and aspirations in life.
Life is struggling for me, as a part-time job I work in Chinese fast food earning around 7000 out of which Rs 5000 goes to parents and Rs 2000 for my own expenses specifically focusing on the Modelling career. Most of my daily wear I borrow from my cousins as I don't have much of friends, I am open and frank about it as I am a self-made person and wish to remain so. I don't wish to be burden on anyone, nor do I wish to ask for any help with anyone either family or friends as I am averse to gain sympathy, this is my struggling period and I have to fulfill this mandate, I trust almighty paramount to my present situation as a temporary phase, which is going to move soon and I am sure he has better things for me in life. My ambition is to be famous and successful, keen to achieve my goal, even in social media I am not following anyone except celebrities. Believe me, we don't have a house to claim of our own, we stay in a rented house, my ambition and determination are to make my parents proud and fulfilled.

Who is your favorite actor from Bollywood?
Akshay Kumar is my favorite actor the movies I have liked till now are Airlift, Rustom, and Gabbar. Love his roles as the Indian Soldier adhering to patriotism and bringing anti-social to justice.

Apart from going to Gymnasium, bodybuilding, yoga, practicing Horse-riding, biking and active in bike-races, car-races, I have a passion for photography and trekking.

Who is your favorite actor from Hollywood?
I like western movies, Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor in Hollywood, I loved his sacrificial lover boy image in  Titanic. He has a unique sense portraying the character to perfection, there is a lot to learn from him.

A lot of Bunts are in Bollywood, are you connected with them, what support do you look forward from the Communities?
Sir, I am a very poor person with over-rich aspirations, trust me I have no relations that can help me nor I am connected with any of the Bunts in the Bollywood. Trust me it's like a God's gift that through social media I got connected with you through social media platform, who can help a struggler, people look at struggler like a burden and who wants additional burden in life? Thank you very much, Mr. Actor Hemu Shetty for giving me this opportunity of profiling me and bestowing me in your respected platform. One attribute I can claim is that I am a hard worker and can ask for a mere introduction and if possible of appropriate support of introducing me in this aspirational Bollywood. I can be a true, loyal and helpful friends, unlike others who take support and help, later forget from where they originated. A lot of people from our Bunt Communities are struggling and living a penury life. I would like to support and give them a decent life, I do my best in giving them the opportunity and look forward more support from our patronizes and community people to come forward and help us in need.

How would you like to describe yourself? What are the strong points you feel you have? 
A diehard maverick struggler aspiring to stake a claim as a self-made successful actor in Bollywood strongly driven by the passion for this profession, personally in spite of turbulences in life I look at the situation very calm, with determination and always thoughtful of every problem faced in life and difficulties I have surmounted.

My graduation was sponsored by the Bunts Sangha of Mangalore, greatly thankful for the patrons and community member who has really supported greatly  for the benefits of the students like me

Who do you think is your biggest support?
My desperation has lost its elasticity, there is no way I can sustain the difficulties I am undergoing, I have been able to manage because of my prayers and a strong belief in God, God is my biggest support, everybody in my family is in difficulty as the situation is very volatile. We just help each other and are the constant support to all the problems. We all weigh our problems and try to solve on its own as our Parents are burdened and be leagued with their own. We only pray and try to see if God can solve all our issues and keep us free from all the problems and difficulties.

Do you have a girlfriend? What does she do?
Everything in life is based on capability and ability, I was capable of having a girlfriend who was a very dear and close to me but not able to manage her, she works as a fashion consultant for a reputed brand, we had to break up due to financial differences, as I was not comfortable to sustain in her earnings. She got married to a high-salaried and well-settled boy. It was shattering moment for me, currently, we connected, patched and now we are just friends.

How do you look your career from here? Years ahead from now where do you vision yourself?
Nothing comes easy from life, every person has to earn his lunch and living, life is a progress of issues and struggles, some face is easy while some face it harshly, mostly it's a deadly combination of both. My progress is no different from the aspirants from the unknown and small towns as I firmly believe in taking gradual steps for progress because I love the experience of every step to take a jump in Bollywood and would consider lucky to get an award for my maiden film that would make me proud to all who have supported me to get introduced to this lovely and benevolent film industry.

What message would you like to give to the upcoming bunt aspirants?
As a person who has seen most tough moments in life and still struggling to get my life straight, the message is simple...never burn your goal,......don't quit,.....problems are temporary.

In retrospections to your struggle, how do you plan yourself to get one project, which could leapfrog you to the big league?
Each in every situation made me as a person ...and every opportunity is a God's gift for me....every project what I do will focus more than everything because acting is my life.


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Thank you..... I wil work on my weak point...... Thannks a lot

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